When should we perform a Prarthna (prayer)? Where and why should we do it? Is there a particular day or time appropriate for a Prarthna?

What is the ultimate goal of God in creating all this and infinite universes? Why does he not liberate all the souls in himself and relax. Why all this maya?

Does our separate soul identity remain when we merge in Parmatma? And how?

If this is an illusion (maya), then when and why this "maya" entered, in the mind of the first soul that got separated from the almighty?

Why did God create us? When and why was this drop (Atma) separated from the Sea (Parmatma)?

When people trouble each other in one birth and they keep coming back to settle their scores, how does this chain break? After a human birth do we get a human birth only or any other too?

What is Maya? How can we, rid ourselves from Maya?


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