What is God? Where is God?

Is birth & death predestined? Do we have no control over it?

Where and how do I find a Sadguru?

When doing japa, I find my mind wondering. How can I overcome this?

Sometimes if we feel very lonely we feel there is nobody in the world to understand us, nobody to listen to our grief, even God has turned a deaf ear towards us. What then do we do in such depressive conditions? Please guide.

Many people talk of Riddhi and Siddhi being present in a household. How can Riddhi and Siddhi be personified or described?

Can we change our destiny with prayers and good actions?

You have mentioned that Yagyas and Mantras have to be learnt and performed correctly. But nowadays, no one has the time to impart this type of knowledge and it is difficult to obtain this knowledge from the right people. How is it possible to acquire this knowledge, especially for Grihasthas?

If God is in everyone’s heart then why are some people good and some bad?


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