I lack confidence in myself. What should I do to gain confidence?

I have a lot of bad thoughts in my mind. Can I still do good deeds? I am very confused.

How do I prevent myself from addiction to smoking and alcohol? I am losing control.

When 50% of all people are non-vegetarians, why are we vegetarians?

What is the best way to overcome Ahankaar or the ego?

To have spiritual progress in one's life, it is necessary to have taken Diksha. Does this imply that one without Diksha has no spiritual progress? How does one ask for or receive Diksha?

Please briefly define and explain each of the principles of Hindu dharma.

If our ‘Ishta,’ the God we pray to is Durga Mata or Shiva Shankar, can we give our service to, ‘Bala swaroop’ of Lord Shri Krishna?

Should a person get married if he wants to worship God with ‘sakhi bhav’?


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