There is a phrase in Gujarati - "Nana vinano Nathiyo, nane Nathalal". (The poor man is contemptuously called "Nathiyo", the rich man is accorded great respect and addressed as "Nathalal".) A person who believes that the poor man commands no respect, would be obsessed with the pursuit of money. How would you motivate him in another (spiritual) direction?

The education of children - Parents living outside of India find it difficult to teach their children Indian values and Indian culture. Not all of them can send their children to India for education. So what should they keep in mind while educating their children? How can one inculcate Indian values in them?

When love is strong between two people and they feel that they can grow together in every way i.e. spiritually, materially etc., and they want to marry, what should be the main things to consider before taking this step?

What does our religion say about inter-caste marriages?

There are numerous slaughterhouses for butchering of cows and its progenies in our country. What can we youngsters do to stop cow slaughter?

The present atmosphere taking shape in India and the type of leadership provided by our leaders today, results in slowly eroding the spirit of patriotism and national upliftment. To change this situation what can be done by our countrymen and especially by the teachers and the learned people?

The youth are given so many instructions to follow. Why do we have to follow them? Why can’t we simply enjoy life?

The youth today are not interested in satsang. What should we do as parents?

I am not interested in my studies. What should I do?


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