Pujya Bhaishri, in the process of domestic chores, ants, and other insects get hurt or killed unintentionally. If there is no place nearby to feed ants, how can we absolve ourselves from such unintended sins?

How do we build up character and what are its benefits?

Who is a Parivrajak Mahatma?

Why has God made this world green and blue. Two major items trees and water are green and blue? Why did God select these colors?

Generation gap has become a huge problem these days. Times have changed and children are no longer very tolerant. What should parents and children do in such an environment to live peacefully?

We youngsters of today are more exposed to western culture and tend to get influenced by it. There are a lot of temptations around us. We feel confused and messed up. How should we balance our lives? And what should be our guidelines?

Even outside of India, people give discriminate between sons and daughters. People only want male heirs. Any advice for such people?

Earlier, the number of children one had was inconsequential. But now, with the changing times, the number of children one has is important. Maximum how many children should one have?

Please guide those who are blessed with both their wealth and their children, and are keen to use their wealth and children for the betterment of others?


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