Who decides which deeds are right and which are wrong? What is this decision dependent upon?

What are the effects of Rajoguna, Tamoguna and Satvaguna (the three constituent qualities of nature) upon us?

How to recognize that a 'sant' (saint) is a real 'sant'? In your discourse you said that a person should find a real guru, then one will get the right direction in life. What are the indications of a real guru?

Whom do we call our real guru? One who gives us guru mantra and ties kanthi (sacred mala) or the one from whom we get inspiration to achieve God (Bhagwat prapti) and follow in his footsteps?

Where and How do I find a Sadguru?

We pray to three Gods Brahma, Shiva and Vishnu. Of the three who is the greatest or the controller of this world? What do these three existences indicate?

Many people talk of Riddhi and Siddhi being present in a household. How can Riddhi and Siddhi be personified or described?

The life of Jesus Christ and Shri Krishna are very similar as told in the Bible and the Geeta. For example, both were born to one set of parents, but then raised by another, Krishna's mama tried to kill all the kids of one age in order to kill Krishna, a similar situation was present for Christ, the Slaughter of the Innocence. There are many are more similarities between the Bible and the Geeta. Why is this? Are the scriptures of other religions similar as well? Is it a result of a cultural inter-change? I have read that the Vedas are the oldest books. Does that mean that Christianity, along with other religions derived from the Vedas? I am having a hard time understanding why the two are so similar.

In every temple of Lord Shiva, there is a statue of Nandi before the Lord's murti and before the Nandi is a tortoise. What is the religious reason behind this tortoise and Nandi? Kindly explain.


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