When we are living in a sick society where ego, selfishness and material gains are important then how does one deal with this society?

Why do people remember or pray to god only when they want some thing or in difficult times and times of sorrow and why not in times of joy and happiness? What should a person do to avoid this?

Sometimes if we feel very lonely, we feel there is nobody in the world to understand us, nobody to listen to our grief, even God has turned a deaf ear towards us. What then do we do in such depressive conditions? Please guide.

What is the "Spiritual Duty" of a human being who is very content in the material world?

I have been initiated into Mantra recitation. Can you please guide me as to how to proceed in life to meet God? How does one save oneself from this all-pervading erosion of values?

If God is in everyone's heart, then why are some people Good and some Bad?

Can we change our destiny with prayers and good actions?

How can one develop a good and virtuous character? What is the purpose of a good character?

The favorable or the adverse incidents in our life are caused by our fate or by our Karma, our good or evil deeds?


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