How can we practice renunciation while remaining active, in worldly affairs?

If we commit some wrong unintentionally then how do we do penance for it?

What is the importance of mantras?

Daily we allocate a specific number of hours or minutes to chant the GURUMANTRA. On all other hours of the day we chant MAHAMANTRA. My doubt is which mantra is good for us to chant the whole day. The GURUMANTRA or MAHAMANTRA?

When doing jap or mala, how many times must one repeat the mantra before any results are seen? Should one chant the mantra at any particular speed or position? Why must we keep the mala in a pouch, gaumukhi? Can it be exposed?

You have mentioned that Yagyas and Mantras have to be learnt and performed correctly. But, nowadays no one has the time to impart this type of knowledge and it is difficult to obtain this knowledge from the right people. Please guide us as to how it is possible to acquire this knowledge, especially for Grihasthas?

Why is it difficult to concentrate on God while it is easy to apply our mind in all other activities? Please guide us.

What is life? What is the meaning of it? We take birth and then we ultimately die and again we take birth. I do not understand the real meaning of this cycle.

What makes a person religious? I understand that to be a good human being, you need good dharma and karma but what makes a person religious? Most people say going to temples makes one religious; most say meditating and most say having faith and worshiping any form of God. Please guide me.


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