A person works very hard earning his livelihood, saves some of his earnings for the future and suddenly finds that he has lost all his savings and his business has come to a stand still. He had always worked very hard and was about to reach home in this 'snakes and ladder' game of life when suddenly he finds a snake at 99 and he is back at 'start'. So, Bhaishri why has God punished this hard working boy; a person who fought so hard in his life for survival?

What should we do if after much labour and pain we fail in achieving our goal?

Every Hindu Prayer and function is started with OM. I will be grateful if you can tell me the meaning of OM and why OM is used in every Hindu Prayer. What do the VEDAS say about OM?

Why do we say "Om Shanti Shanti Shanti" three times?

Is it necessary to perform all Shraaddh kriya such as 'pinda daan'? Would the atman not attain peace should any of these kriyas be missed out? Would you advise to perform such kriya by oneself when one is alive?

What does the word "Kalyan" mean? On Television everyone says "Kalyan ho" what is that? Even in shlokas this word is found. Please explain.

Why do we perform Aarti to God and others who are dear to us? What is it's meaning?

Why do people practice Maun or silence?

Why do we fast for specific months and days?


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