One of the causes closest to Bhaishri’s heart is that of spreading knowledge of the Vedic scriptures and upholding the cultural heritage of India. This is the inspiration behind Sandipani Vidyaniketan.

Set up in February 1992 on 85 acres of land near Porbandar, Gujarat, Sandipani Vidyaniketan aims to rekindle humanity through education based on tradition and values for the benefit of society. Since its inception, it has been continuously expanding its activities and services. The Vidyaniketan has today become one of the leading educational institutions in India in the field of Vedic education.

Bhaishri’s vision behind the Vidyaniketan is to produce proficient scholars of Sanskrit, who have consummate knowledge of the Vedas and can conduct their lives with discipline and restraint. Named after Rishi Sandipani, teacher of Lord Krishna, Balarama and Sudama, the Vidyaniketan nurtures its students to become ideal humans. Divine love and devotion become their ideals and selfless service their activity. Thus, the Vidyaniketan is able to produce persons of great caliber, having the capacity to impart knowledge and keep alive the cultural heritage of India.

The Vidyaniketan has expanded into teaching modern subjects with a foundation of cultural values. Sandipani Gurukul imparting education in English medium has started to make a mark of its own. Beautifully entwining the wisdom of the traditional past with the energy of the modern present, Bhaishri’s mission is indeed a much-needed progressive philosophy that India so needs today.

Over the last few years this Vidyaniketan has turned into a Vidyateertha. Today stands tall the magnificent Shri Hari Mandir, an epicenter of culture and spirituality, attracting thousands of pilgrims to come pay homage to the omnipresent deities, Shri Lakshmi Narayan and others.

The entire Sandipani campus, surrounded in greenery, the gaushala, the Yagna Shala, and the Sant Kutir are all reminiscent of a time which was so abundant with culture. The traditions followed at Sandipani celebrate the occasions that are sacred to Indians all over the world.