With the growing concerns of global warming and the alarming pollution levels, protecting the environment is extremely important. Bhaishri says that nature showers its gifts on mankind and nurtures us just as a mother supplies nourishment to her children. We, in turn, abuse the very same sources which we obtain benefit from. We breathe oxygen in the air and yet pollute the same atmosphere by releasing poisonous gases through transportation, industrial discharges and cigarettes. Our water sources suffer the same fate as we dump them with waste. As we take so much from nature’s bounty, we have to give back our bit by taking care of these very resources that keep us alive. Sandipani is a fine example of how we should live. Its lush grounds with approximately five thousand trees and clean surroundings practise the principles of Bhaishri’s teachings. Students studying at Sandipani are often given the task of cleaning the campus. Bhaishri’s philosophy of worshipping Mother Nature by looking after our resources has reached far and wide to the masses. He takes every opportunity during his discourses to tell people that natural resources are precious and should be used cautiously.

Think green
People all over the world have been woken up to the huge problem of global warming. The crux of the problem is the disappearing green of the trees, which help the environment maintain its balance. Sandipani has contributed to the green cover by planting approximately five thousand trees within the Sandipani campus as well as along the peripheries. According to Bhaishri, every one of us consumes at least six trees during our lifetime. It therefore becomes the responsibility of all individuals to plant trees to provide for the future generation. With Bhaishri’s inspiration and guidance Vaishvik Sanskruti Parivar members regularly organise tree plantation drives in their respective cities and towns.









Govardhan Parikrama Marg
It has always been Bhaishri’s endeavour to encourage people in keeping our religious places clean and unpolluted. While he effectively communicates this message through the medium of his discourses, Bhaishri has been personally involved in the beautification of the “Govardhan Parikrama Marg” at Jatipura in Vrindavan. A famous place of Hindu pilgrimage, the Govardhan is located on a narrow sandstone hill known as Giriraj, which is about 8 km in length. The young Lord Krishna is said to have held Giriraj up on the tip of his little finger for 7 days and nights to shield the people of Vrindavan from the deluge of rain sent down by Lord Indra, the rain God. It is believed that if a person circuits the mountain just once, he is expiated from all sins. However this sacred trail has been littered with the waste carelessly thrown by devotees. The large amount of milk that is poured into the mouth of the hill and the puja rituals that are performed there, also contribute to the unhygienic conditions. Tirtha Vikas Trust, inspired by Pujya Bhaishri has cleaned up the path around the Goverdhan hill and set up basic facilities for pilgrims.
Ganga Bachao Aandolan
The River Ganga is the most important river in India not only because it is a source of water through its wide network of tributaries but also because of its profound heritage and the faith that it symbolizes. It is written in our scriptures that the water of the holy Ganga is blessed with the power to wash away all our sins. Even though the importance of the river is well understood, there isn’t much awareness among the general masses to become responsible enough to stop contaminating the rivers. A large amount of waste, both human and industrial is constantly being dumped into the river. Bhaishri has given his wholehearted support to the “Ganga Bachao Aandolan.” He has tried to awaken the spirit of individual accountability towards saving our rivers, through his addresses to the large audiences who attend his discourses. To resolve the problem on a larger scale, Bhaishri along with Swami Ramdevji, Sri Sri Ravi Shankarji, Swami Chidanand Saraswatiji and many other saints met the Prime Minister of India, Shri Manmohan Singh to discuss the issue of industrial and sewage dumping into the Ganga and for granting the “National Heritage Status” to the holy river.