Bhaishri’s discourses contain a balance between devotion and wisdom. Whilst he entrancingly leads people into bhakti bhav (devotion). He also shares the tenets of wisdom that are enshrined in the scriptures. Citing examples from the Shrimad Bhagavat Puraan, Shri Ramcharitmanas, Shrimad Bhagavad Gita and other devotional recitations and enlightening scriptures like the Upanishads and Shubhashitas, Bhaishri, in his unique style shows us the path to lead an ideal life, to be a true devotee, with a complete understanding of life’s spiritual laws and thus indicating the path of salvation.

From highlighting the importance of our revered scriptures which teach us ethics and the direction in which we must take our lives, to the importance of our venerated Gurus, Bhaishri continues to enlighten his listeners, rekindling the flame of knowledge and devotion within them.

Bhaishri expounds the Dvait, Dvaitadvait, and the different schools of Advait philosophy in the most simple ways, very often, quoting great sages like Shri Vallabhacharyaji and Shri Adi Shankaracharyaji.

His discourses are a beautiful expression of the various philosophies that exuberate the richness of our Sanatana Dharma leading all of us to an understanding of life’s subtle Truths.